At Sunset Flower Farm, we pride ourselves in quality, freshness, and presentation of our cut flowers. Peonies, sunflowers, and hydrangeas are a few of the special varieties grown on the farm. In order to ensure the highest quality crops, you will see us harvesting our flowers in the early morning or late evening for lasting freshness.

Sunset Flower Farm is owned and operated by Linda and David Rau. Both are members of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, Cape May County Beach Plum Association, and the Southern Shore Region of Tourism of Cape May County.

Linda has a degree in Horticulture and has been working in the flower industry since the age of 12. She was a designer for many years in flower shops, simultaneously working in greenhouses, until opening a shop in her home town of Westmont, New Jersey. The shop was known as Loose Cuts. Beginning in 2009, she worked at Archway Programs as a careers teacher for special needs students, running a greenhouse and a flower shop. She employs all of this previous knowledge, experience, and professionalization in the management of Sunset Flower Farm.

While Linda brings the floral expertise to the project, David contributes his many years of experience in the management and running of a working farm. David grew up on a farm, raising cattle and growing wheat in Oklahoma. He is experienced in farm equipment, repair, and farm operations. He is also a professional sales manager and has great marketing skills that complement his knowledge in managing a farm and crops.

It’s hard to say what flowers we love the most because our farm is like a painted canvas with the forest as our background and the varieties of the flowers our focal point. We grow beauty and inspire creativity by the bunch.